The Products - The Expertise - The Service
SII Specialty Gases is proud to be the first intermediate gas company in the region that is fully committed to meet the customer's need in specialty gas demands and rquirements. SII Specialty Gas has the Products you require, the Expertise you need and the Service you expect.
Two-Decade Experience in Specialty Gas Industry
World-class specialty gas production center in indonesia, able to fill and high quality gases including complex refinery gases and primary standard.
Specific Solutions for Any Gas Application
High capacity and flexible manufacturing process capable of meeting both local and international demands.
Equipped By Technology
Equipped by the technology, we blend and develop our specialty gases using our smart, sophisticated and globally-advanced blending facilities, which meet the customer's high quality requirement.The first of its kind facility in Indonesia ready to support development of high tech industry.
Quality Assurance
To ensure our gases meet the customer's requirement, they are analyzed used our latest laboratory equipment, such as gas chromatographs with multiple detectors,analyzers, and other analytical instruments, which will then produce a certified results, traceable to NIST and OIML.
  • High Quality and Primary Standard Gas and Liquid Mixtures.
  • Hydrocarbon Gas and Liquid Mixtures
  • Corrosive and Reactive Gas Mixtures
  • Standard, Laser and Rare Gas Mixtures
  • Shielding/Welding Gas Mixtures
  • Diving Gas Mixtures
  • Medical Gas Mixtures
  • Ultra-High Grade Pure Gases (UHP)
  • Industrial Gases
  • Cryogenic Liquid
  • Gas-related Services