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In order to maintain the quality of our products, each gas cylinder is carefully selected and we make sure they go through our cylinder maintenance process, which includes scrubber system, cylinder blasting system, vacuum oven, and pressure test system before they are dispatched to the blending facility. Those steps alone will ensure the maximum stability and purity of the gases that are about to be filled. To ensure the filled gases meet the user’s requirement, the filled gases are then analyzed integrating our latest laboratory equipment, ranging from gas chromatograph to multiple detectors, analyzers, and other analytical instruments. In which all of these steps will produce a certified results, traceable to NIST, OIML, and NMi.

Equipped by the latest technology, we blend and develop our specialty gases using our smart, sophisticated, and globally-advanced blending facilities which meet the customer’s high-quality requirements. This includes a high-class, low-micron cleanroom highly dedicated for specialty gas productions to ensure the highest-purity conditions. Supported by this high-end technology, we guarantee ofo providing the highest product quality, while ensuring the maximum accuracy and reliability.