At SII, we offer a wide variety of specialty gas products, ranging from pure gases to the most complex mixed gases. We have the capability to blend multi-component materials packaged into a cylinder. Such gas mixtures will be used by chemical and process specialists, that allow for consistent results and optimum instrument performance. In certain cases that involve application of gas mixtures, a subgroup of gas mixtures is used in analytical systems to make precise comparisons. Each products manufactured and produced at SII meet the tightest specifications with reference to blend tolerance, analytical accuracy, traceability and stability.

We manufactured and produced :
  • High Quality Standard / Calibration Gas and Liquid Mixtures
  • Hydrocarbon Standard Gas and Liquid Mixtures
  • Corrosive and Reactive Gas Mixtures
  • Laser and Rare Gas Mixtures
  • Shielding/Welding Gas Mixtures
  • Diving Gas Mixtures
  • Medical Gas Mixtures
  •  Ultra High Grade Pure Gas ( UHP )
    • Argon ≥99.999%
    • Carbon Dioxide ≥99.999%
    • Helium ≥99.999%
    • Nitrogen ≥99.999%
    • Oxygen ≥99.999%
    • Hydrogen ≥99.999%
    • Synthetic Air
    • Zero Air
    • and many more
All gas and liquid mixtures that we supply come with Certificate of Analysis (COA) of either Primary Standard, Certified Standard, or Custom Standard.  All products are filled using high-load high-accuracy, traceable to OIML, NIST, and NMi standards.

Gas Mixture Grade Specifications:
We provide high-quality and high-purity cryogenic liquid for your specific application

Cryogenic liquids are liquefied gases that are kept in their liquid state at very low temperatures and its defined too as a liquid with a normal boiling point below –130°F (–90°C). The most commonly used industrial gases that are transported, handled, and stored in the liquid state at cryogenic temperatures are argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Some of the cryogenic liquid that we supply:
  • Liquid Nitrogen (LIN or LN2)
  • Liquid Argon (LAr)
  • Liquid Oxygen (LOX or LO2)
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2)
We are able to supply the cryogenic liquid in multiple container, including Transportable Cryogenic Tank (ISO Tank), High-Pressure Cryogenic Cylinder (VGL or PGS), or Insulated Storage Vessel (Dewar).
We provide high-quality pure gases for all your industrial applications
Whether a gas is required for your welding process or testing application, we have the gases that you require. Some of the industrial gases that we supply:
  • Argon 99.995%
  • Nitrogen 99.995%
  • Oxygen 99.5%
  • Carbon Dioxide 99.5%
  • Acetylene 99%
  •  Nitrous Oxide 99%
  • Sulfur Hexafluoride 99.998%
  • and many more

Some of the gas-related services that we provide for our clients:
  • Lab Piping Design and Installation
  • Gas Analysis
  • Gas Recertification
  • Gas Disposal
  • Cylinder Treatment
  • Hydrostatic Test